Yoann Hervault

Start time:

29 November, 16:27


8,4 km , France

I run for a lively earth

My name is Yoann, I am 31, I live in Paris and I work as engineer. I began to be concerned by climate change when I saw the Sea Ice in the Alps for the first time. I was a child. As a young adult I was more interested by sports cars than environment. Then in 2010 I began to do hiking in mountains regularly. I was amazed by the beauty. In 2011 I went to South America. One guide in Amazonia forest in Ecuador explained to me the repercussions of oil leaks on their life, they became more dependent on importation because of the poison in the water, some of his friends became ill. More recently, the 13/11 some people enjoying life died in Paris. They died for the very same reason why these people became ill. We die because of our dependence, interest on Oil and tactics chosen. Other die or loose their independence because of the greenwashing (giant barrage, industrial forest for "green petrol"...) created to keep our holly "way of life". So I run to stay as mentally sane as I can. I run in the hope that some people will stay free somewhere. I run because all the beauty I saw deserve to stay alive.