Yarlagadda Karun Kuma

Start time:

24 November, 10:20


Hude, DE

I run for the earthlings and for our mother earth

I come from India and this is my story for why I want to run. Almost 50% of over 1200 million people in India are involved in farming. The biggest threat of climate change is that there is no sufficient and timely rain fall in most of the districts of India (In particularly in the districts Medak and Anantapur where I have association). This has become so crucial that this year we could not sow rice seeds because of untimely rains. In addition, the ground water is completely dried up, which forced the farmers to completely dependent on rain water. On the other hand the weight of the groundnut after removing from the shell has reduced by as much as 6% over the last year. Many farmers in the village have sown only 50% on their lands and most of which are commercial crops. It’s a very serious risk of food supply and it will result in shortage of food and price hike. Eventually more people will go to bed without having food. This is not the first year of this experience and worst is yet to come. The economy is managed in such a way that it ensure poor to remain poor and lazy and the middle man works hard and barely survive, while the rich man controls them to become more rich. I do not want to sit down and watch it happen. It's time for me to join others and remind the wealth accumulators that enough is enough.