Vivian Scott

Start time:

29 November, 18:15


15,0 km , France

I run because we need to give ourselves a future

My name is Vivian Scott, I live in Edinburgh, am a scientist and love wild places. Time is running out, we need to make a proper commitment here, now, in Paris that we will all come together to address climate change and give ourselves and our children a future. We have the science, the technologies, the money and most importantly the people - all of us - who can make this happen. There is no excuse for inaction. Last week I ran in the Scottish hills through the first snows of winter, relishing the colours from the blue lochs and green glens to the clear brilliance of fresh snow. I want future generations to enjoy and feel this beauty and feel at one with this extraordinary world that we are fortunate to call home. We must act and the time is now.