Vincent Deinum

Start time:

25 November, 21:55


2.1 km, Amsterdam, NED

I run for climate justice

I have been making music since a long time. I have been singing songs and performing onstage, all trying to create awareness and improve a piece of the world. To inspire people and tell stories about the bittersweet of life and the possibilities we might have to create a better world. A couple of years back, I also started participating in human rights activities. I had this nagging feeling I needed to get out there and really do something about it. In that period I met Antony Fountain of Stop the Traffik, fighting human slavery in the cocoa sector. He told me about climate change for the first time and the imminent threat it poses to us. He intrigued me with a story that seemed something from a movie. Unavoidable disasters, migrating people fleeing from natural catastrophes and wars to gather the last resources. It was a picture I just could not imagine somehow. Now, I am running. I am running cause I rather run now than later. Now I am free to run. I can choose to run. Later, I might have to run. From floods, storms, war, disease, hunger. Climate change is happening in our time and will affect our lives. Right now, I still have a choice to run and I want to take it. Right now, I can still make myself be heard and inspire others to bring people to action. Cause they are the ones fighting this crisis. I have always despised politics. Power creates hunger for more control and to keep business as usual. Politicians are not the representatives of the people and will not change the situation. Businesses, companies and corporations. In my opinion, businesses exist to provide or improve society. Anyone who studies business or economics knows that companies have the aim of profit to survive. They don’t help, support, facilitate or represent people or the planet and will not change the situation. To change the situation, we need people. So let’s run.