Tomas Friedhoff & Jan van de Venis

Start time:

25 November, 22:25


1.7 km, Amsterdam, NED

We run for intergenerational climate justice and a sustainable future for all generations

Tomas and Jan, from two different generations, run for intergenerational climate justice, so that there will be a sustainable future for all generations. Jan van de Venis is a Human Rights & Climate Justice Lawyer and Worldconnector, who founded "Ombudsman of Future Generations " at Sustainability Festival Springtij, to legally protect the interests of future generations, such as Tomas and the generations to come after him. Completely in line with modern developments, you can get to him at @JanvandeVenis or @OmbudsToekomst. Jan helps worried & justice seeking citizens from all the world, both through the Ombudsman of Future Generations, his lawfirm as well as crowdfunding platform, to help citizens crowd-fund legal action against governments & companies who violate social, economic & environmental rights. Tomas is an entrepreneur, gadgetenthousiast and working hard to build the economy of the future: Saving our planet so my parents can still enjoy their old day, that I spend my working life in a inhabitable world and that we leave one, fully circulair world & economy for future generations. I've always been inspired by nature. It is where as entrepreneur find my idea's, my calm & inspiration. It reminds me of the walks my grandmother would take us through the most beautifull natural parks, to scuba diving in Egypt & the beauty of nature in South Africa, Jordan & Kenya. Yet every time I would travel, I would see more pollution. More plastic. Destroying exactly everything we humans love. Where we work hard for in our day jobs, whether you're a small entrepreneur, start-up, SME or a corporate CEO, we all do the same in our free time. Enjoy nature. We fly away to see the most beautifull phenomena's nature has created. Nature doesn't need us. We need nature. I used to work for a Large Corporate, but decided I wanted to work at a SME for now, so we could make beautifull products, but influence our suppliers, competitors & clients, to buy beautifull & sustainstable products. And I spend a great deal of my work & private time convincing my former Corporate colleagues. Because "I'm a corporate, that cares". This is not left or right, not pro business or against. We all have a common interest in this as species. And besides, the cleantech, zero-carbon, green economy, is an economy with fascinating new products like Tesla, with Ocean Thermal Energy Storage powering airfields and more cool gadgetry to come. That makes our life easier, our air more breathable and our nutrition more healthy. What that future looks like: google "Phoenix Towers", an eco-city being built in Wu-Han China, because pollution is already to bad now. Or Dutch Windwheel, what will be a selfsustaining landmark, officebuiding & beautifull appartements. Where you drive up in your BMWi or Tesla. Oh, and did I mention driverless cars? Sounds like a pretty cool world to live in, right?