Thomas Landmann

Start time:

27 November, 10:40


4,2 km, Erkelenz, DE

I run for climate justice

On a daily basis I have been confronted with the consequences of energy politics since my childhood, and especially professionally being a local family doctor (an internist) here in the Rhineland - I see the impacts local energy politics has on health, infrastructure and psychological and social wellbeing of the people (especially of those working for the energy companies), particularly the effects of fine dust, radioactivity and toxic heavy metals emmited from lignite mines and power plants. People in this steadily growing region, already being burdened with chemical industry, (air) traffic, and parts of the land being sealed by concrete etc., don't only want to work, but also want to live. My running path is going to portray an abstract installation for leisure time, used as a substitute for the lost quality of life. Therefore I support the demands of the Alliance against lignite, especially those regarding health implications of lignite mining - and also because I stand in solidarity with the incredibly dedicated young people from the forest- and meadow occupation in the Hambach Forest, whom I gladly support!