Talha Ali Arslan

Start time:

26 November, 17:22


6 km, Nijmegen, NED

I run for the children

My name is Talha. I am from Istanbul and I currently study in Eindhoven. I am in my mid 20s and I already started to feel the rapid change in our climate. I am worried. I am absolutely worried for my children’s and my grandchildren’s future. I am worried for your future too, whoever you are, wherever you may be. Life is keeping us busy with everything it may throw at us, and there are huge problems right now which make it impossible for many people to enjoy life at all. As if all these things are not enough, our planet, our source of life, the air we breathe, the food we eat, every aspect of the nature we enjoy and benefit from, are in danger. This is a huge long term problem, which cannot be solved all of a sudden, as it is not created that way. As I am running, my inner clock slows down, I become free of my daily burdens, I become able to think clearly of my past, my actions, my future and my dreams. And I feel hope and fear, at the same time. I am hopeful because I know that there are many people who are trying to save the planet. And I am scared because what if we can’t. What if we can’t give a better future to our children? How will our grandchildren feel if we give them more problems than those we started with? We should all start to act in our modest or bold ways, in favor of the humanity, for the well-being of all the people we share this planet with. We should act to preserve the environment, to stop the climate change; we can start by changing ourselves. It will then be possible for us to have the greatest timeless treasure one can ever have; being remembered with gratitude, by the people we will never meet.