Sandra Koch

Start time:

24 November, 20:01


3.7 km, Papenburg, NED

I run for people who need to run away from floods and droughts caused by climate change

My name is Sandra Koch. I live in Emden and work as a coordinator and lecturer in the study program Engineering Physics at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. I run for my life because people need to run sooner or later to escape from floods, droughts, and melted ice caused by the climate change. Everyone should be aware that we will harm ourselves when we go on emitting more and more CO2. Unfortunately the political influence of the energy lobby is stronger than rationality. I run because I am getting angry when I cycle back home in Emden watching the trail of smoke from the RWE coal power plant in Eemshaven. Nevertheless, the government stated out that I live too far away (20 km) to be influenced from 95 kg/a mercury and 10 million tons CO2. The world heritage "Wadden sea“ has the same problem as I – but it can’t run – therefore I run for it as well.