Richard Keijzer

Start time:

26 November, 15:28


5.3 km, Amerongen, NED

I run for climate justice

As a boy, I loved to spend time in the field observing the birds. Later, during my time in the navy, I had the privilege of seeing nature in many countries, from the arctic to the caribbean. My love for nature came with worries when I read about pollution, depletion of natural sources, acid rain, thining ozone layer and even more so when scientists started talking about intensified greenhouse effect and climate change. I realised this would be much harder to fix than p.e. the thining ozone layer. Were those beautiful coral reefs I saw, really disappearing? Now I'm a father of two. Ever since my first child was born, 19 years ago, I sometimes participate in actions of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands). I really enjoy walking in Nijmegen and surroundings and have participated in the Nijmegen 4day-marches nine times. That's why I'm very exited to run in the same area where I walked thousands of km's. It makes me sad that people in developing countries are the first to suffer from the effects of climate change, caused by our way of life, but I have hope the politicians gathering in Paris will take the necessary steps to limit those effects. I'm optimistic that with our combined, worldwide efforts we can make a difference for the future of our children. No time to waste! That's why I run for my life!