Sahiela Morlacchi

Start time:

25 November, 23:07


1.9 km, Amsterdam, NED

I run for keeping the environment intact and for a truly sustainable Amsterdam

I am Sahiela, I live in Amsterdam and I am a multilingual mediator, a musician and a Yoga practitioner. I am also a person that has grown up in a beautiful, free and uncontaminated nature on the mountains in Italy. I believe that everyone deserves to have the chance to live in such a pure environment. However, in the future, this will not be possible if the current environmental management is not going to be totally revisited. I believe that all governments and businesses need urgently to take responsibility towards climate change on a global level. Amsterdam has a great sustainable image with his bicycle paths. However, for example, we run at the Amsterdam harbor, because it is "the second largest coal and the largest gasoline harbor in Europe" and this wonderful city deserves a truly sustainable image. Running reflects precisely the limit of time that we are facing. We are truly running against time!