Ragnhild Freng Dale

Start time:

09 November, 14:52


4 km, Kiruna, SE

Running to be

Eg er berre ein gneiste av den store eld. Og som eg kveikest i myrkret, Skal eg slokna ein kveld. Du skal eiga all venleik på denne jord når eg longo er burte og kvorvne mine spor. (Olav H. Hauge) My name is Ragnhild, and I’m from Bergen in southern Norway. I’ve lived many years in England, Wales and mainland Europe, and now I am living in Kautokeino, in Sápmi. My family comes from the fjords and mountains in the South-West, a landscape which will always be central to my life. In the 26 years I have been on this planet, this landscape has changed and is changing as the world warms. Floods and avalanches are ever more common, but we have still not seen the changes on the same scale as those unfolding in the Arctic, the Pacific and further South. There are moments where you know the world is changing, and we are at this point now. I run because I cannot remain idle when our knowledge and the science is so clear. I cannot pretend it doesn’t matter who makes the clothes I wear or how the animals I eat have lived. I cannot close my eyes to what happens in places far away from my postcard hometown. I run because I refuse the logic of a world where economic growth is an unquestionable goal, where people, rivers, mountains and animals can be sacrificed for money to concentrate on a few people’s hands, producing things we don’t need but think we can’t do without. I am part of this world. Of people who have been before, and those who are to come. We depend on everything around us, things that are bigger than us and will outlive us by hundreds of thousands of years. Each of our lives is only a small part of a much larger chain of beings. I run to show I will fight for a world that leaves coal, oil and gas in the ground. A world where we stop tearing up the land and stealing from indigenous peoples. A world where we understand the earth is not ours to take but a home to live in and on and with. A world where we don’t build fortresses, but make houses with many rooms for guests and new friends. It might sound naïve, but the alternative is to stop being human. I run because there is always hope, and because I know, at the core of my being, that it’s only together we make the change.