Peter Singer

Start time:

27 November, 12:00


6,1 km, Kerpen, DE

I run for climate justice

My name is Peter Singer. I am the political group chairman of the left party in the regional council of Cologne. For decades I have been involved in the fight against lignite and the local energy giant RWE. Generating electricity from lignite is causing huge amounts of carbon dioxide pollution in our atmosphere, bigger than the pollution of many other pollutants. This has to stop. We had our hopes up high when the state government of Northrhine-Westphalia announced a change of direction in their energy politics regarding lignite. But, as ever so often, we have been deluded. The new ’leading case’ decision of the state government of Northrhine-Westphalia presents us in the lignite mining region in the Rhineland with a sham. At the price of Keyenberg etc. being relocated, Holzweiler is being “saved“, despite existing proof that expanding the mine Garzweiler further than the highway A61 is not necessary in energy politics. Because of that thousands of people rallied in the human chain on the 24th of April 2015 next to the Garzweiler mine. The government of state isn’t going to do anything that could harm RWE Power. Everything that has been undertaken until now is purely cosmetic. RWEs employees are also trapped. The end of lignite will come sooner than one might think. Keeping an industry alive artificially, one that is clearly going extinct, has never worked. Now at the latest we have to radically reroute the industry, to give both the region and the employees a perspective for the period after coal mining. I support the demand for a rigorous revocation of the approved mining limits with my commitment to the Alliance against Lignite.