Nikos Saul

Start time:

23 November, 16:35


4 km, Rotenburg, DE

I run for a social-ecological change of our society and our economy

The place where I am running, the place where I grew up is not only affected by changing weather and it's consequences for landscape, biodiversity and agriculture, but also by the direct consequences of fossil fuel's extraction. Encouraged by politicians, Exxon and other companies drill and frack for gas, release chemicals into the environment and probably are even responsible for a higher rate of cancer in the region. Realising that the places we live in are not there for the people and their needs, but are devastated for company interests, makes me feel sad and angry, but it doesn't have to be like that. I am running because I want to show the people who live round here and anyone else, that we can change our fossil society and stop climate change. That we can build up a new, a green and just world. And that we have to be quick, because we run against time. In this race we can't wait for governments to solve our problems, but have to start and run on our own, in our communities, with our people.