Nanna Nørholm

Start time:

21 November, 23:01


3,4 km, Fredericia DK

I run for better waste

A lot of valuable materials and resources are lost because products are not designed for the recycling processes that take place after the products lifetime. Products that consist of multiple components e.g. steel, plastics and electronics must be designed for easy disassembly. If the electronics cannot be separated from the steel, the rare metals from the electronics will end their day as slag in the steel melting process. For no use and only increasing the demand for virgin rare metals. Various fillers are added to plastics to make it suitable for certain purposes, e.g. colors and fire retardants. The fillers makes it difficult to use the plastics for other purposes and they will in their next cycle often be reused in a downgraded product or simply be incinerated or dumped in a landfill. What a waste. Let’s design better for the entire life cycle of our valuable resources.