Mirjam Hazenbosch

Start time:

26 November, 08:20


2.2 km, Utrecht, NED

I run for my country

My name is Mirjam Hazenbosch and I am currently studying biology at University College Utrecht. “Luctor et emergo" (I struggle and emerge) is the motto of the Dutch province Zealand. It reflects the constant battle the Dutch (including myself) need to fight against the sea. So far, we have succeeded. Due to incredible efforts of many generations, I am now able to live six meters below sea level and not get my feet wet. However, I realize that as climate change progresses the sea level will rise. And thus our long battle against the sea will intensify. I believe that we can win the battle, as my ancestors have done before, but we need to use every opportunity we get to increase our chances. Stopping the problem at its root by slowing down climate change is our best way to go. Luctor et emergo: that is why I run today. I am running for my country.