Mirja Ullvig och Helena Sandmer

Start time:

20 November, 14:37


0,7 km, Lund, SE


Together we are strong. Together we can make a difference. Helena Sandmer and I, Mirja Ullvig, are members of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Lund. As two environmental and biology students we want to see actions in the greatest challenge of our time; building a sustainable future. Sometimes it can be lonely to be the one that talks, works and worries for the climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the injustice in how it affects innocent people. Lonely to be frustrated over how unwilling and slow countries are in their transition towards a more sustainable future. But today we are not alone. Behind and around us we have support from the citizens of Lund. The stone we are holding have been passing many warm hands, dreams and beliefs. We are of different ages, ethnicity, beliefs and hope. But today we run as one unity, deliver one message: we care about our common future. For some their families, friends or the next generations are most important. For others the race is about giving a voice for the nature, the world´s poor and claim for climate justice. We are all worried and frustrated about the climate change, but we believe there is hope. And we will keep on hope until we see the change. Today, We run for the dazzling golden rape fields in Skåne. We run for the oceans and all their creatures. We run for children and their rights to a decent life on every continent. We run for biological diversity and the rainforests of Amazonas and Borneo. We run for sustainable progress and to use personal energy for positive change. Together we are strong. Together we can make a difference.