Melinda van Willegen

Start time:

26 November, 09:04


4.2 km, Utrecht, NED

I run for the future of my two girls

My name is Melinda van Willegen, I am 40, I have two beautiful girls and I live in Driebergen. I have seen quite a few countries while travelling. My wish is to be able to show my two girls how beautiful the world is. Every day we enjoy living across a small forest. It’s the girls favorite playground and my running track. We are always excited when we see squirrels and deer in our garden. By running for RUN OR YOUR LIFE I want to make them realize that we have to put the earth, that we love so much, at #1. My volunteer work for the Wereld Natuur Fonds (WWF) makes me realize that all of our actions as a family are important in stopping the climate changes. No matter how small they are. But just our small steps won’t make the big difference we need to stop the climate changes. With me running through my own beautiful community I’m asking the world leaders to take those necessary big steps as we continue to make our little ones.