Mats Mandegård

Start time:

19 November, 22:55


2,8 km , Halmstad, SE

I run for a cleaner future

My name is Mats Mandegård, I live in Simlångsdalen just outside Halmstad. I have 3 kids and work as a software developer. My son Noah, in 6th grade, came home after school one day and was very concerned about the Global Warning. That day they have talked about the effect we people have on the climate. He is also concerned about us humans damaging the forests. The trees and plants give us oxygen so we need to take care of them he says! As a parent you feel you want to give something back to your kids and everybody that lives in the coming generations. A cleaner earth would be nice! One of the worst polluters right now is the transport sector. Think if all cars and trucks could be clean! Electric cars have been a hobby of mine for a few years now. I am very happy that I have decided to sell the current diesel car and in two weeks’ time our new electric car will arrive! My daily commute is about 60 km. So in a year that means I will be able to drive 25 000 km on electric power... I have test driven a lot of electric cars from many brands. The driving experience of them all is superb! They are quiet and smooth to drive, acceleration is quick and you feel good not to pollute while driving. A few years ago the electric cars were small but today there are different type of vehicles from small, mid to large sizes and even all electric buses! Most of the cars are able to fast charge in short time when you are taking a food or shopping break. It’s getting more and more convenient to go on long trips with an electric car. If you haven´t tried an electric car until now, please do, you won´t be disappointed! Another hobby of mine is running. I usually run 2 to 3 times per week. A nice thing when I visit a new town is to take a run, but a not so nice thing about running in cities is all the traffic pollution though! I hope that in our near future, say 15 years, that electric and clean cars will fill the streets so we all can enjoy clean air in our cities again! I run for a cleaner future