Martin Rørtoft

Start time:

21 November, 21:36


4,2 km, Middelfart DK

I run against cancer and for local impact

There are many reasons, why people get cancer. One thing is for sure. The way we live affects the risk of getting cancer. Cancer is a silent killer. The way we live is for most human beings out of our own control. The air, we breathe. The water, we drink. The food, we eat. The soil underneath our feet. The clothes, we wear. The way, we work. The way, we live. We can’t control the chemicals. We can’t control pollution. We can’t control climate changes. We can’t control the financial system. We can’t control the corporate world. We can’t control food production. It’s basically out of our hands I grew up here. When I cross the Lillebælt Bridge, I am reminded of how a global oil company for decades were secretly leaking a dangerous and highly toxic oil waste product into the ecosystem below the bridge. The company did not react, until local authority told them so, and they started to clean up. A study showed that the chemicals in the toxic oil water were carcinogenic. When I recently lost my mother to cancer, I started to associate cancer with chemicals in the environment. They are also silent killers. I don’t believe corporate companies are able or willing to control or regulate themselves. And they are changing the world in front of us. We need to pressure. We need to be critical. To act. To be angry. To challenge. To find solutions. We need to wake up and run for our lives. I run to promote the idea of local impact. That we can make a change locally. To save the body of our ecosystem