Marina Beermann

Start time:

23 November, 10:02


11,2 km, Hamburg, DE

I run because in principle the future in unwritten and we have the chance to change towards a sustainable development!

In principle the future is unwritten. This much we know. This is a good thing on the whole, because this realisation also affords us hope that changes in the right direction may take place. „Right“ here means „sustainable development“ in particular, that is, an improvement and partial stabilisation of social, ecological and economic quality of our living standards worldwide. Trying to be part of this neccessary shift towards sustainable development is my biggest motivation in life and it encompasses a huge variety of things. Not meaning that I am always knowing what would be the best or even behaving in the „right“ way always. But I am trying to do my best. It gives me orientation for my life and keeps me going. My name is Marina (33) and I am living in Hamburg, Germany. I am interested in nature and ecology since I was little. I am interested in bird watching, nature conservation and all aspects of sustainable development. From my point of view climate change is one of the most important challenges we will have to face (and already do) on earth. Climate change is highly complex and interrelated to everything we do: how we live, what we consume, etc. Plus, climate change caused impacts will occur – sometimes these impacts are obviously related towards it. Sometimes it is more tricky. I am living in Hamburg. Hamburg is a beautiful place and I enjoy living in this city. Since almost one year Hamburg became an important place for migrants from certain countries (East Europe, Africa, Middle East, etc.). There are a diversity of reasons why people leave their home countries, risking their lives, loosing their former social and often economic way of living. Some are mainly due to political reasons, some are more complex and due to a variety of causes. Climate change caused impacts will lead to more migration. In future it will be of high importance to show and tell everybody the particular chain of cause and effect. So that we begin to understand that protecting our environment and our climate is also about saving our quality of life and peace on earth. I am happy to be part of this run. It shows me that people from very different places and with different backgrounds do have a similiar understanding of our common future.