Lærke Hein

Start time:

20 November, 20:40


3.0 km, Copenhagen DK

We run for Right to Movement

We are a non-profit, non-religious and non-politic social movement. Running is our base. Storytelling is our tool. We don¹t ask for your charity we ask for your involvement. For your action. History Right to Movement came into existence in April 2013, as a conceptual bi-product of the inaugural event Palestine Marathon. Under the slogan ³Right to Movement², we held the first ever Palestine Marathon to promote the basic human right to freedom of movement as stipulated under Article 13 in the Human Rights Charter and to tell a new story about Palestine. After the Palestine Marathon runners from all over the world, ourselves included, wanted more. Runners wanted to keep running with the Palestinian runners in their own home towns and countries, and wanted to promote the Right to Movement elsewhere by physically claiming it. As part of holding the Palestine Marathon, three Right to Movement communities were established in Palestine and soon more followed in Denmark, Jordan, the UK, Ghana and the US order essay online contributing to building the global running community we are today. We run for human rights!! MANIFESTO We call on runners of all levels. We run to manifest our Right to Movement. We run for those and with those who are deprived of that right. We run to tell stories. We run to build bridges instead of walls. We run to inspire you to do the same.