Ka Ki Wong

Start time:

17 November, 13:35


3 km, Norrköping, SE

I run for Hong Kong

大家好! 我叫黃嘉祺,是從香港過來瑞典林雪坪大學的交換生。自從香港變得越來越熱,冬天漸漸消失,我就開始關注氣候變化這個問題。還記得我來瑞典那天,香港中午的溫度高達36度呢!之前看過不少氣候變化研究結果和各類新聞,知道了兩極冰川加速溶化,北極熊變得無家可歸,甚至出現了各種為了生存而相互殘殺的新聞,讓我感到非常震驚。在香港,冰川溶化看似離我很遠,當我來到北歐-瑞典的時候感覺更明顯更強烈了! 我覺得每個人都應該要關注這個問題,畢竟這是地球村,是大家共同的家園。特別是香港,不應該事不關己,己不勞心,事實上高樓大廈和繁忙無比的交通的碳排放量已經足以影響到氣候了! 通過這次活動,希望各位會中文的朋友能多多關注氣候變化這個問題。希望大家能從自己做起,過綠色生活,畢竟大家都是平等的,我們不應該這麼自私,為了滿足自己的欲望而剝奪其他種群的使用權。 我想要變得更健康,所以參加這次跑步接力。因為在香港,繁忙的交通排放的尾氣和空氣污染問題比較嚴重,我不想做馬路吸塵器。 我愛這個美麗的藍色行星,希望大家可以一起守護這份美麗,共同努力減排溫室氣體,相信你們一定能做到的,加油!

I run for Hong Kong

Hi, everybody. I am Ka Ki Wong, an exchange student from Hong Kong. I keep on looking an eye in Climate Change issue because it becomes hotter and hotter in Hong Kong, 36 degree before the day I come to Sweden, and 'winter' gradually disappear within decades. There are lots of Scientific Research and news revealing that ice melts in poles, polar bears become 'homeless' and even killing same species to feed, this is really shocking when I read it. It seems far away from me in my hometown but becomes more realistic when I come to Sweden. I think all around the world should be aware of this matter, because we share the same planet, this is our home. Especially Hong Kong, there is no room to be irresponsible, modern high-rise buildings and traffics really contribute a lot to global warming issue. Throughout participating in, I hope to bring message to people using Chinese, telling them looking an eye on climate change issue! Be more eco-friendly, every organisms are fair, and equal, there is not fair to infringe their rights! I want to run for health, but that's too little opportunity to do in Hong Kong, busy traffic and poor air makes me not willing to walk or run. I love our blue planet, and hope that everyone could raise awareness on eco-friendly, reduce CO2 emission and to protect our earth, and all organisms!