Johannes Stripple

Start time:

20 November, 15:18


0,8 km, SE

I run for climate justice

I'm a professor in political science and have studied the politics of climate change for the last 20 years. In the last years, I've been exploring pathways to decarbonisation, from the UN to the everyday, from the boardroom to the kitchen table, from smart energy grids to literary fiction. While I'm increasingly frustrated by the minimal progress of the intergovermental negotiations under the UN, I'm energised by the creativity the current low carbon transformation is unleashing. As with other large-scale societal transformations, we tend not to see them when they are unfolding. And when they are done they soon become the new normal. While my four kids look set to grow up in a warming world, we need to keep engaging all the manifold ways in which a different climate future could be imagined and realised. The critical space of the university is excellent place for thinking through all these solutions and points of contestation.