Isak Stoddard

Start time:

16 November, 03:29


5,6 km, Uppsala -Knivsta, SE

I run for those who can't

My name is Isak Stoddard and I live in Uppsala, the town where I was born and where I now spend my days at the university - working with students, teachers, researchers and the wider Uppsala community on the existential challenge of climate change. I run for those who can't. For our ancestors. For generations to come. For the trees, clinging on for dear life to soil that is eroding at a rate 100 times faster than it is being replenished. For the lichen, to whom we owe our existence. For the Polar Bears, the Gorillas and all other poster-animals of the environmental movement. I put one leg in front of the other for our brothers and sisters from the more-than-human world, whom we never even noticed before they went extinct. For the anaerobic bacteria in my stomach. Hell, I run for the ten thousand things. Yes, even for the ticks. But most of all I run for life – this ongoing miracle on a round little ball floating about in an ever expanding universe.