Hugo Stuurman

Start time:

26 November, 12:20


4.8 km, Amerongen, NED

I run for the future

Run for your life. I love running, so it's not really a sacrifice to take part in this protest. Even as a youngster I couldn't understand the way the economy works. I still don't. Why do we need all this stuff? Why do we stress our selfs to the limit for a job. Why do we need a big house if we are never there? Talk to someone who is dying. Most of them wished they would have spent more time with the people they love and care for. How many poems and songs are written about ambition, luxury and wealth? What would the world look like if we put all the effort and knowledge in just being happy? Not a few, but all of humanity. I hope someday we realize that we don't need that much to be happy. I think less is more.