Gjalt Annega

Start time:

25 November, 12:15


20 km, Noordoostpolder, NED

I run for a just and sustainable world and to send a message to world leaders to act on this.

The fight against global warming has been something I kept an eye on for most of my life. For almost a year now I have been very active in the climate movement. I can get positively livid when I see the lack of action on the part of many governments, the lies, greenwashing and lobbying power the fossil fuel industry utilizes, and the general lack of caring for many people. I set myself the goal to contribute to shifting the existing narrative. As humankind, we are very capable of building a sustainable society. We have all the tools and intelligence we need, but as a people we need to demand this change. By participating in the run I want to send the signal that we want real climate action and we're not going to accept posturing anymore. Together we can build a cleaner, juster and better tomorrow!