Francesco Maltoni

Start time:

15 November, 19:37


6,5 km , Aachen, DE

In 2008 I was fulfilling a childhood dream riding my motorcycle with my friends in the Tunisian desert. We rode through all the places famous to the Arab Spring three years after, and to the deep desert along the algerian frontier, down south where some oil operations, and east to the Lybian frontier and back north through the Ksars, the desert gates. The problem is... the desert gates were 200 km in to the desert, and a strip of old farmland (described in the few years old tour guides) could only be recognize because of abandoned farm houses. Famines and migrant waves are the least we could expect even without wars in the region... On the way back I decided to sell the motorbike and dedicate time to sailing... wait a minute... the wind patterns in the adriatic sea are totally disrupted... now days we no wind and then tornadoes are the typical summer conditions, following the rules of old fishermen is a good way for a shipwreck. Stay home and work? Sorry but in 40°C summers I'd rather have a siesta. Morale: humanity depends on an healthy climate (and my health on a healthy run)