Eric Seuren

Start time:

26 November, 07:24


2.6 km, Utrecht, NED

I run for Misja

Three years ago my little nephew Misja was born. I decided to be a real uncle for him and to go see him when I can. We’ve become best friends by now. Fun to see him discover the world, and to rediscover it myself looking through his eyes. Things I don’t even notice myself anymore, because they are so common to me. Like recently when he discovered his own shadow, asking me what it was. Kind of hard to explain to a 3-year old, for me anyway. It would have been even harder to explain climate change to him, and what the consequences for the world he sees around him now would be. That would be above his head for sure, not to mention mine. Instead of telling him now about this immense challenge we are facing as a human race, I better tell him ten years from now, I’ve been part of the movement who acted when there was still time to do so. Who, instead of waiting for irreversible time to tick away, did his small part to save our planet for future generations. Like Misja’s.