Douglas Rosane

Start time:

30 November, 07:00


7,5 km, Paris, FR

I run for climate justice

My name is Douglas Rosane, and I’m an American living in Paris. I’m running for our future. Human activity over the course of the last 150 years has profoundly changed the environment. And not only our visible surroundings. Global warming and carbon dioxide emissions are also impacting our seas and provoking ocean acidification. Right now, coral reefs are undergoing one of the worst cases of “bleaching” ever, where living coral organisms enter into a state of shock, due primarily to excessively high water temperatures. Many of these corals will die. In fact, it is estimated that even a 2 percent increase in the global average temperature over the next few decades will all but condemn many of our living reefs to extinction. It’s time to crack down on climate change for good. So that our children and our children’s children can continue to enjoy not only the beauty of the ocean and the complex communities that live there, but all life on earth.