Designskolen Kolding

Start time:

22 November, 00:54


8,2 km, Kolding DK

We run for climate justice

The climate is changing and we can already see the effects. As designers we have a responsibility. We need to join forces and use all the brain power we got. But we don't only need our minds to solve these challenges. We need more than ever to use our emotional intelligence, our compassion and our dreams as tools for building a better world. Sustainability should ideally be at the base of all design. In order for that to be true, we have to question not only how and what we design, but why, and for whom. Humans have always been curious and brave to explore the world. But maybe we have become too bold and self assured, instead of keeping the curious and innocent approach to life. To be curious is about admitting what you don't know, and by that look forward to the possibilities and discoveries that lies ahead of us. At the same time as we are all in this together, and the responsibility is a shared one, we should not only point at the consumers and say, you should stop to eat meat, stop buying cheap clothes, stop buying a new phone every year, stop using fossil fuels, etc. But we need to start to point at those who really should know better, those who should be educated enough to know what's right or wrong. Point at our selves as designers, and point at the people in charge of the decision making and of the money. At them we address our critique. We believe in putting action behind our words and that is why we run. We are creating a movement. We can be the change. If we want to.