Claudia Schimmelpfennig

Start time:

24 November, 15:11


6 km, Papenburg, DE

I run for worldwide climate protection

My name is Claudia Schimmelpfennig, I am mother of two, and these days I live near the river Ems in the North Sea area. The water mouth of the Ems marks the frontier to the Netherlands, but I live and think without limits. My passion is sports, and so you can find me nearly every day kayaking on the North Sea or enjoying nature by cycling or running. On the Durtch side of the Ems a new coal-fired power station had been errected and put into operation the last few months. Beside the climate-damaging CO² emission, thick clouds reach my home every day, full of mercury and other environmental pollutants. Today in general we have the knowledge of renewable energy possibilities, which provides enough energy to save our wealth, and should be able to structure our energy supply prospectively to enable us to leave a proper environment to our children. When sporting I often push the envelope, but today I run as a cross-border commuter for an unlimited protection of our planet.