Christian Judge

Start time:

29 November, 19:30


10,0 km , France

I run for a liveable planet for all

My name is Christian Judge. I’m 45 years old, married and have two children. I’m just an ordinary guy facing a planetary challenge that will define the future for my children and beyond. The impacts of climate change are already obvious, and we know we have much more to come. But we also know that the solutions are at hand. If we embrace renewable energy and energy efficiency, if we live less selfishly and are not, as a society, so driven by greed, we can save ourselves. If we carry on as we are, the future is bleak. Extreme heat and drought will drive the collapse of local and regional food systems and spread conflict. Unchecked sea level rise will devastate coastal communities and wreck economies. The natural world is already being turned upside down, especially with ocean acidification and coral bleaching. I don’t want this future for my children. I don’t want this future for anybody. We run now for climate action, for justice for those most affected and for Paris, we run for peace. Just one ordinary guy joining with one thousands others running from the Artic circle to Paris to tell our story.