Chihiro Geuzebroek

Start time:

25 November, 23:26


2.6 km, Amsterdam, NED

I run for climate justice everywhere

Greetings Mother Earth. Greetings Brother and Sister Earthlings. My earth experience as Chihiro Geuzebroek started in 1983 in Amsterdam where I grew up with my Dutch mother. But ever since I was a little kid I felt connected to the genocide of indigenous people of the Americas and my ancestors on the Bolivian side of my family - my fathers side - who I did not know. I wanted to learn about the ways of nomadic and tribal life, knowing how to co-exist with the land; not pursuing expansionism like the Europeans did. In 2009 I got introduced to the modern day version of indigenous struggle: The Bolivian struggle for Mother Earth. It inspired me to make a movie in Bolivia and tell roadmovie activist coming of age story of overcoming all levels of alienation: both personal and political in a struggle for environmental healing. This movie is now finished and plays at film festivals around the world and will soon be on TV. More Info But what of the Netherlands? What of Climate Justice here where I spend my daily reality? Being a country that got its wealth through colonialism and toxic trade will people take a stand here for Climate Justice? And then I heard about Urgenda Foundation initiating a courtcase against the Dutch State for negligence of their duty of care, failing to make the necessary policy changes to realize 40% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2020. There was an inivtation to become co-plaintiff and along with 885 others I joined the call for this historical climate courtcase. The Netherlands has a horrible track record in energy and dirty trade. It is still expanding in its coal harbors/powerstations in a time when we need to divest and leave the coal in the hole. Thats why we had our climate camp around this coal harbor area this summer and held the climate games here. Climate Activism articulates where political change is needed. June 2015 the court gave its verdict of the Climate Case. The judge stated the Dutch government must cut 25% emissions by 2020 (reference year 1990) people around the world celbrated this unprecedented court victory. Unfortunately our government doesnt listen to its citizens, to science or to the law... because it wants to appeal the verdict. It wants to negate Climate Justice. I am living in a state of emergency. That's why I am running for my life. I run for Climate Justice Everywhere around the world. Anything less is just not good enough and will not save us from disgracing ourselves into imminent extinction.