Carol-Anne Senit

Start time:

29 November, 19:30


10,0 km , France

I run for my aunt Julia who just passed away. But I also run for you and for all those human and non-human beings that don’t have a voice in climate negotiations.

My name is Carole-Anne Sénit, I am a 30 year-old political scientist living in Paris and working at IDDRI. I love playing caixa with my Brazilian batucada Misto Quente. As most people living in Europe, I have not experienced the effects of climate change, yet. But we are not all that fortunate. Many people living in poorer countries are already suffering from severe climate change impacts that sometimes deprive them of basic human rights: the right to food, the right to housing... The consequences of climate change deepen inequalities and pose a threat to our freedom. I want to live in a fairer society, where human-beings consider themselves as part of Nature, and not above it. I run for climate justice. I run to remind our leaders that the biggest polluters have to be accountable not only to present and future generations, but also to the non-human natural world.