Bernard Stoevesandt

Start time:

23 November, 17:42


8,8 km, Rotenburg, DE

I run for climate justice

We need to change: We are supposed to work harder more and faster year by year. In the global north we get as a reward vacation time for recovery. So people fly to remote places away of the craziness of their work-life. Causing noise, distress and climate change for all the others. By living such a lifestyle we are destroying the base of our common life on this planet. We need to stop this, by living a different life, by living collectively, refraining from climate devastating practices and especially by taking fear of the people. It is the fear in our economical system that makes people act against their will. Our economical system tell us: You will not eat, or live in poverty, if you don't participate in a rat race, which has become our working life. Competition is to promote even better and faster solutions in life. This will not reflect on common climate issues. This will destroy our planet. We will have to change these principles.