Anna Rottier

Start time:

25 November, 22:13


2.4 km, Amsterdam, NED

I run for our children and their future

When I was a child, 8/9 years old, I visited a Greenpeace ship with my parents in the harbour of Rotterdam, the city where I grew up. I was so impressed about their work: Their efforts to warn the world for polluted oceans, acid rain, dead trees, whale- and sealmurders. Since I visited this ship Im so worried about the environment, and in everything I do I try to think of a cleaner and better world. That's why I mostly use my bike, instead of a car, when it rains. I try not to shower too long. And I always turn out the lights when I leave my home. Actually it's weird I never applied for a job at Greenpeace! So with this run I'd love to show how important it is to take care of our world, this beautiful planet we may live on. I run for our children, their future.