Angelika Maurer

Start time:

24 November, 16:24


5.8 km, Papenburg, DE

I run to act now

Hello, I'm Angelika from S├╝dbrookmerland in Northern-Germany. I am 45 years old and I work as a social worker. I participate in RUN FOR YOUR LIFE because I'm employed at the environmental protection since more than 25 years now. To stop now will be a big mistake, because it is possible to change to 100 % green energy during the next years. It will also be possible to stop climate change, if the governments start to act. I will run, step by step, for our chance to save our earth and to show the politicians it's purposely by the international folks. But I am not the only one running. Time is running out too. So I appeal at the United-Nations-Climate-Change-Conference: Don't wait, act now!