Alison MacEwen

Start time:

29 November, 17:21


9,7 km , France

I run to support real outcomes for climate negotiations at COP21

My name is Alison MacEwen. I'm originally from Scotland and I live in Paris. I'm running to support real outcomes for climate negotiations at COP21. It's been so mild recently, I may not even have to wear full winter gear to run on what would usually be a very cold, dark November evening. A minor detail, but another reminder of our changing weather patterns - we had the hottest summer in years, followed by terrible floods in the south. Farmers lost valuable crops and prices went up at the local market. Multiply this around the world and climate change is having a very real impact on people's lives, especially in vulnerable regions. We are in this together. I'm running as part of a human chain, running across borders and through changing landscapes to ask for more action against climate change. We're running into the future...