How to Tell That You Need Help Writing Your Paraphrasing Skillfully

January 10, 2021
Johanna Broman

Reasons Why Students Require paraphrasing Help

In most cases, students miss out on essential marks because of simple mistakes. One of the biggest reasons is paraphrasing. When you re-write someone else’s words without mentioning their name, you are bound to lose marks. Unless you are a pro at writing, you might end up with plagiarized content, which is a no-no in the academic world. Paraphrasing comes in handy when you want to prevent plagiarism and use unique words without borrowing other authors’ ideas.

Signs That You Need Help Paraphrasing

No one is perfect at writing, and that is why we have the signs. When you find yourself struggling to write a particular passage, stop and ask someone to proofread and correct. You can also ask for paraphrasing help because you have not mastered the skill yet. Here are signs that indicate you may need paraphrasing help and what to do about it.

You miss correcting spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Whenever you re-write someone else’s words without giving them credit, you are bound to make a few basic mistakes. These include misspelling words, punctuating them wrongly, and writing incorrectly punctuated sentences. So, even if you want to statistics project ideas high school pass a particular paper, it is best if you ask someone to re-write it and edit it because the result is flawless.

You do not know the structure of the words you are using

Unless you are a specialist in writing, chances are you will not know the correct structure of the words you use. Some words are indented, while others have extra letters beside them. All these have to be aligned correctly for a passage to make sense. You might be using words like “substituted” or “migrated” which mean different things. Ignoring this and re-writing sentences the correct way may lead to confusion and fail to make your content clear.

When you exceed the word count for the essay

Too many essays means a lot of writing which results in a lot of research. While you may do this to meet the word count, in most cases, you end up using a lot of resources. Even if you find credible information online paraphrasing it, chances are you will use a lot more than necessary. In the end, you end up using a lot of time and energy, which affects your overall performance.

You delay starting the essay until the last minute

Studying and writing assignments should be a fun and exciting process. However, when time is limiting, it becomes dull and you end up avoiding most activities. The same case applies to paraphrasing. If you wait until the last minute, you might do it in a hurry and end up using a lot of words that are not authentic.

If you are dealing with one of the signs above, ask for paraphrasing help and improve your overall performance in class. After all, it is better to get help than to fail in your academics because of low grades.